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Say No to Mulch Volcanos

Updated: Apr 25

Often times wood mulch is applied on an annual basis in beds to maintain an attractive appearance. Once a decent base of mulch (2 to 3 inches) of mulch is in a bed, only light subsequent applications of mulch need to be applied. A top dressing of sorts. More often than not, 2 to 3 inches of mulch are applied. This results in a thick build up since prior years mulch has not had adequate time to decay. Excess much thickness, especially around the base of flowers, shrubs and trees can be problematic. Most concerning is the when mulch starts to pile up at the base of trees where the appearance resembles a volcano. Mulch around the base of a plant can cause rot and also prompt the plant to shoot roots into the mulch instead of deep into the ground where they belong.

The next time you apply mulch keep the new applications to a minimum thickness. If you have mulch that has built up around the base of a plant or tree, carefully pull the mulch back.

Please feel free to reach out to Hope Valley Lawn and Landscape, for mulch installation and other landscape needs in Durham, NC.

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