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Winter Lawn Care Service Tips in Durham, NC

Lawn care tasks do not take a break in the winter! Sure, mowing does slow down or stops, but it is very important to remain cognizant of the following:

  • Fertilization - Fescue is considered a cool season grass. Cool season grasses thrive in cooler weather. Therefore it is OK to fertilize cool season grasses during the winter months. Bermuda lawns do not need to be fertilized.

  • Pre-Emergent - Pre-emergent products should be applied in January / Feb and March / April. These products effectively prevent weeds and crab grass seed that is sitting in the soil from last year from germinating. If you only do two applications of any product this year, these are the ones to do! Yo'll get the most bang for the buck.

  • Remove debris - If any leaf or pine straw debris has built up on your lawn, because to blow or rake it off. Any debris that is sitting on your turf will possibly weaken it.

  • Trimming - Winter is a fine time to deadhead (remove any of last year's old flowers (like hydrangeas). Do not trim too low though because it will possible remove this year's new future blooms.

Reach out to us at Hope valley Lawn and Landscape for lawn care services in Durham, NC.

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